About the website:
Modern History of China is a website which listing important events in a chronological order. Events are selected from an objective point of view, based on their significance to subsequent developments.

Those not familiar with the modern history of China can have a concise picture with a quick glance of the major events page.

Events are grouped into major periods, with individual years listed in sub-directories.

For certain periods and years, there is also a list of international events colored in blue to provide some reference as to what was happening elsewhere in the world at that time. These events most likely had some impact on China. After all, China did not exist in isolation and was constantly influenced by other countries and world events.

Comments are kept to a minimum because different people would have different interpretations of history. However, world events did not occur randomly. It is hoped that careful examination of the sequence would be present a coherent picture and major trends to the informed reader.

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