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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.



  • January - Japanese troops cross the Great Wall from Manchuria into China proper.
  • January - After many Communist leaders have been arrested by the Nationalists, Po Ku and central leadership of the Communist Party moves from Shanghai to Ruijin in Jiangxi province.
  • January - In the south, Communist forces launch attacks in Jiangxi province.
  • January - Nationalists score major victory against Communists in Jiangxi province.
  • Feburary - Chiang Kai-shek arrives in Jiangxi province to direct the Nationalist offensive. The offensive meets stiff resistance.
  • February – In the north, full scale Japanese attack threatens Beijing and Tianjin.
  • March - Nationalist forces suffer heavy casualties in Jiangxi province.
  • March - Japan withdraws from the League of Nations over Manchuria.
  • April - Intense battles between Chinese and Japanese troops north of Beijing.
  • May - Nationalists terminate offensive campaign in Jiangxi province.
  • May – The Tangu Truce. Chinese government reaches a ceasefire agreement with the Japanese. Northern part of Hebei province is declared a demilitarized zone, with the Japanese having de facto control of the area.
  • July - Communists attempt to expand into Fujian province from Jiangxi but stopped by the 19th Route Army.
  • August - Soviet adviser Otto Braun arrives in Jiangxi province to reorganize the Communist army.
  • October - Fifth suppression campaign against the Communists in Jiangxi province begins.Nationalist forces use the blockhouse method to make steady progress into the Communist base.
  • October - 19th Route Army in Fujian province agrees to a ceasefire with the Communists.
  • November - Commanders of the 19th Route Army establishes a new government independent of Nanjing. The new government in Fujian is sympathetic to the Communists and opposes Chiang Kai-shek.
  • December - Fujian government fails to gain support of the Communists.