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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.

  • 1894 – Sun Yat-sen offers his services to the Qing government but is ignored.
  • 1894 – Japan breaks off relations with China. Japanese troops capture the Korean palace.
  • 1894 – First Sino-Japanese War. Chinese troops defeated in Korea. Chinese fleet defeated off the coast of Korea.
  • 1894 - Sun Yat-sen forms the Revive China Society in Hawaii. Members, mostly immigrants from Guangdong province, pledge to overthrow the Qing dynasty and create a Chinese republic.
  • 1895 – China begins to train a New Army modeled after Western armies.
  • 1895 – Reform memorial. Over one thousand scholars in Beijing organized by Kang Youwei draft a memorial asking for modernization in China.
  • 1895 - Treaty of Shimonoseki. China pays war indemnities to Japan. Taiwan is ceded to Japan. Korea would be recognized as independent from China.
  • 1895 – Uprising in Guangzhou organized by the Revive China Society fails.
  • 1896 – First treaty of alliance between China and Russia. The Russian Far Eastern railway would be extended through Manchuria to Vladivostok.
  • 1898 – The Spanish-American War. The United States defeats Spain and gains possession of the Philippines and Guam.
  • 1898 - The Boxers United in the Righteous attempt to block the building of a Catholic church in Shandong province.
  • 1898 – The Hundred Days’ Reform. Emperor Guangxu issues edicts for political, military, economic and education reform. Reform soon fails.The Emperor is removed from power.
  • 1899 – In Canada, Kang Youwei forms The Society to Protect the Emperor.

1894 -1899