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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.

  • January – Sun Yat-sen inaugurated in Nanjing as provisional President of the Republic of China.
  • January - Yuan Shikai asks the Qing emperor to abdicate.
  • January – Generals of Qing forces express their support for a republic.
  • February – The last Qing emperor abdicates. Qing Dynasty ends after ruling China for 267 years. Yuan Shikai announces his intention to form a new government.
  • February – Sun Yat-sen announces his resignation as provisional President.
  • March - Draft constitution announced by the provisional National Assembly.
  • April – Sun Yat-sen leaves his position as provisional President. Yuan Shikai becomes provisional President but stays in Beijing.
  • April – National Assembly decides to move the government to Beijing.
  • July – Secret agreement between Japan and Russia. The agreement specifies areas of interest belonging to the two countries in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia.
  • August – Sun Yat-sen and others form the Nationalist Party (Guomindang or Kuomintang).
  • November – Agreement between Russia and Outer Mongolia. Russia would assist Outer Mongolia in achieving autonomy from China.