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  • January – U.S. representative George Marshall begins his mediation in China.
  • January - First ceasefire between the Nationalists and Communists.
  • January - Opening of the People’s Consultative conference in Chongqing.
  • January - Communist forces capture the port city of Yingkou in Manchuria.
  • February – Establishment of the American Military Advisory Group (MAGIC) in China.
  • March – George Marshall visits Yan'an.
  • March – Soviet forces begin their final withdrawal from Manchuria. Some territories occupied by the Soviets are turned over to the Communists.
  • April - Immediately after a Soviet withdrawal, Communists capture and briefly hold the city of Changchun.
  • May - Soviet troops complete their withdrawal from Manchuria, turning over large quantities of captured Japanese arms and supplies to the Communists. Large amounts of machinery and industrial equipment are transported back to the Soviet Union.
  • May - Nationalist government moves back to Nanjing from Chongqing.
  • May - Nationalist forces win a major battle at Siping, Manchuria.
  • June – Second ceasefire. Under U.S. pressure, Nationalist forces agree to a two-week ceasefire. Nationalists begin to lose military superiority and would eventually lose Manchuria and mainland China.
  • June – Negotiations between the Nationalists and the Communists end in failure. Nationalist forces renew their attacks.
  • July - Li Gongpu, a leader of the Democratic League is assassinated by Nationalist agents. Four days later, Wen Yiduo, a critic of the Nationalist government is also assassinated.
  • August – The United States places an embargo on the shipment of arms and ammunition to Nationalist forces.
  • September - Negotiations between Nationalists and Communists resume.
  • November - Third ceasefire.
  • November - National Assembly convenes without participation of the Communists. Communist Party considers this the end of negotiations.
  • December – Harry Truman calls for a broadly representative government in China that would include the Communists.
  • December - National Assembly drafts a new constitution of the Republic of China, effective December 1947.


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