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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.



  • February - Revolution in Russia.
  • March – Japan reaches an understanding with Britain, France, Russia, and Italy. Japan will take over German interests in the Pacific and East Asia. In return, Japan will get China involved in the European war.
  • March – China severs diplomatic relationship with Germany.
  • April – The United States enters the European war.
  • August – China declares war on Germany. China will support their European allies with laborers.
  • September - In opposition to the government in Beijing, a military government is established in Guangzhou. Sun Yat-sen is elected to head the government.
  • September - Guangzhou government also declares war on Germany.
  • September - Guangzhou government forms a Nationalist army.
  • November – Armies of the Beijing and Guangzhou governments battle in Hunan and Sichuan provinces.
  • October – October Revolution. Bolsheviks led by Lenin establish a Soviet government in Russia.