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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.



  • January – National Assembly disbanded by Yuan Shikai.
  • May – Beijing government announces a new constitution.
  • June – Japan announces exclusive rights to operate railways in Manchuria.
  • July – Britain signs agreement with Tibet, establishing the border separating India and Tibet. Tibet achieves de facto independence from China.
  • July – In Japan, Sun Yat-sen renames the Nationalist Party the Chinese Revolutionary Party. Sun has complete authority.
  • August - The First World War begins in Europe.
  • August – Beijing government declares neutrality in the European war.
  • August – Japan demands German naval vessels leave China and the German colony of Qingdao handed over to Japan.
  • August – Japan declares war on Germany.
  • September – Japanese troops land in Shandong province.
  • November – German defenders in Qingdao surrender to Japanese and British forces.