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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.

  • U.S. representative George Marshall begins his mediation in China. (1946)
  • Soviet army leaves Manchuria. (1946)
  • Nationalist forces score major victory in Manchuria. (1946)
  • Ceasefire between the Nationalists and Communists. (1946)
  • The United States places an embargo on the shipment of arms and ammunition to Nationalist forces. (1946)
  • A National Assembly convenes without the Communists. (1946)
  • Enactment of a new constitution. (1946) 
  • U.S. mediation ends in failure. (1947)
  • Large scale riots in Taiwan against people from the mainland. (1947)
  • Demonstrations in major cities against hunger and the civil war. (1947)
  • Communist forces begin counteroffensive in Manchuria. (1947)
  • Nationalist government orders general mobilization against the Communists. (1947)
  • United States Congress approves the China Aid Act. (1948)
  • A new currency is issued to stabilize the economy. (1948)
  • Communist forces capture Manchuria. (1948)

1946 - 1948