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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.



  • January - Second National Congress of the Nationalist Party. Wang Jingwei gains influence and begins to force Chiang Kai-shek from power.
  • February - Nationalist forces capture Hainan Island and gain full control of Guangdong province.
  • March - Li Zhongren (Guangxi faction) announces loyalty to the Guangzhou government. Li's troops would later be incorporated into the National Revolutionary Army.
  • March - In the north, aided by Japanese warships, the Northeast faction and Wu Peifu defeat Feng Yuxiang. Feng leaves for Moscow.
  • March – Rise of Chiang Kai-shek. Guangzhou is placed under martial law. Dozens of Communist members are arrested for planning to kidnap Chiang Kai-shek and stage a revolt. Soviet advisers are arrested.
  • April – Wang Jingwei leaves Guangzhou and goes into exile in France.
  • May - Chiang Kai-shek and the Soviet Union reach agreement. Soviet Union would continue to support the Guangzhou government.
  • June – Chiang Kai-shek named commander in chief of the National Revolutionary Army and placed in charge of the Northern Expedition.
  • July - Chiang Kai-shek is elected chairman of the Standing Committee of the Nationalist Central Executive Committee.
  • July – Launch of the Northern Expedition. Nationalist forces attack north with a force of over 100,000 men. The opposing northern armies total about 500,000. Nationalist forces soon capture Changsha in Hunan province.
  • August - After fierce fighting, Nationalist forces defeat Wu Peifu and capture key bridges in Hubei province.
  • October – On the fifteenth anniversary of the 1911 uprising and founding of the Republic of China, Nationalist forces enter the city of Wuchang. Northern commander of the city had decided to surrender.
  • October - Nationalist forces capture Wuhan.
  • November - In the largest battle since beginning of the Northern Expedition, Nationalist forces capture Nanchang after defeating Sun Chuanfang.
  • November – Nationalist Party decides to move party headquarters to Wuhan.
  • November - In Moscow, the Comintern passes resolution to support peasant revolt in China.