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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.



  • January – Troops under the command of Chan Jiongming attack Guangzhou.
  • February - Nationalist forces including Whampoa cadets defeat Chan Jiaongming in the First Eastern Expedition.
  • March – Sun Yat-sen dies in Beijing.
  • April - The army of Feng Yuxiang begins to receive military assistance from the Soviet Union.
  • May – Demonstrations against Japanese firms in Shanghai. British police in the foreign concessions fire into a crowd of striking workers and their supporters, killing and wounding dozens. The incident sparked a wave of boycotts and demonstrations across the country.
  • June – Demonstrations in Guangzhou against foreign imperialists. British and French troops fire on the crowd as demonstrators come close to the Western concessions. Hundreds are killed or injured. Tens of thousands of striking workers arrive from Hong Kong in support. British products are banned. Foreign warships anchor in Guangzhou.
  • July – The Nationalist Party establishes a national government in Guangzhou. Wang Jingwei is elected chairman of the new government.
  • August - Formation of the National Revolutionary Army by the Guangzhou government.
  • September – National Revolutionary Army launches the Second Eastern Expedition against Chan Jiongming. Chan’s forces are driven back. Nationalists would obtain complete control of Guangdong province by early 1926.
  • November - Split of the Nationalist Party. Anti-Communist members meet in the Western Hills near Beijing and urge the removed of Communists from the Nationalist Party.
  • November - In Hankou, Wu Peifu rises again and is appointed to command a combined force that claims to have troops from 14 provinces.