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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.



  • January -  Army of Nanjing government captures Fujou. The Fujian People's Government falls.
  • March – Former Qing emperor Puyi is declared emperor of Manchukuo.
  • March - Fierce fighting as Nationalist troops advance into Communist base in Jiangxi province.
  • April - Nationalist army continues steady push in Jiangxi province.
  • April - Communist Party calls for an end to all civil wars.
  • April - Nationalist forces take Guangchang after an extensive battle. Communists suffer thousands of casualties. Communists in Jiangxi province begin preparations for a break out.
  • May - Nationalist forces attacking from the east capture Jianning in Fujian province.
  • June - Nationalist forces capture Liancheng in Fujian province.
  • June - Communist forces in Jiangxi province move west.
  • July - Nationalist forces advance toward Ruijin, the Communist capital in Jiangxi province.
  • July - Communists in Jiangxi province announce their intention to move north to fight the Japanese.
  • August - Communist advance forces in western Jiangxi province begin their break out to the west.
  • August - Communist advance forces enter Hunan and Guangxi provinces.
  • September - Nationalist forces in Jiangxi province bypass Shicheng and approach Ruijin from the north.
  • September - Nationalist forces in Fujian province attack near Changting and approach Ruijin from the east.
  • October – The Long March begins. Leadership of the Chinese Communist Party based in Ruijin begins a retreat to the southwest with roughly 100,000 troops. After traveling 6,000 miles, the party would arrive in Shaanxi province in the northwest one year later with a force less than 10,000.
  • November - Nationalist forces capture Ruijin, Jiangxi province.
  • November – Communist forces successfully ford the Xiang River in Hunan province.
  • December - Communist forces enter Guizhou province, followed by Nationalist troops.