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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.

  • January - Communist forces launch the Tet Offensive in South Vietnam.
  • February - In his own defense, Liu Shaoqi criticizes Mao Zedong.
  • May - Negotiations begin between North Vietnam and the United States.
  • May - Movement to cleanse the class ranks.
  • July - Mao Zedong meets with Red Guard leaders to end their movement.
  • August - Prague Spring. Popular revolt against the communist government in Czechoslovakia suppressed by Warsaw Pact troops.
  • September - Free public education in Taiwan is extended from six to nine years.
  • October – Liu Shaoqi is condemned as a traitor by the Central Committee and expelled from the Communist Party. Deng Xiaoping is dismissed from all posts, but not expelled from the Party.
  • October - The Red Guards are ordered to disband and go to the countryside.
  • November - Richard Nixon elected President of the United States.