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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.

  • March - In Taiwan, Nationalist Party explores the possibilities of lifting martial law.
  • August - First securities markets opens in Shenyang with two bond issues.
  • September – Resolution on Building a Spiritual Civilization. Resolution states that People's Republic of China is still at the initial stage of socialism. Various types of economic elements should be allowed under the dominant system of public ownership. A portion of the populace should be allowed to get rich first. The Resolution passes with inclusion of anti-liberalization.
  • September - First stock exchange opens in Shanghai.
  • September - Formation of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan.
  • November - In Shanghai, Fang Lizhi calls for human rights and democracy in mainland China.
  • December – In Taiwan, first free parliamentary elections in the Republic of China involving two political parties.
  • December - Students of University of Science and Technology in Hefei protest Communist Party control of student elections. Fang Lizhi, vice-president of the university, encourages students to stand up for their rights.
  • December - Large scale student demonstrations in Shanghai and Beijing asking for more political freedom.
  • December - Communist Party leadership meets to discuss student unrest. Hu Yaobang is criticized for not taking appropriate measures.