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Objective chronological listing of significant events leading up to modern China.



  • January – Soviet Russia expresses an interest to station a representative in China, give up extraterritoriality and return the Russian concessions to China.
  • March – Soviet Russia reaches peace agreement with Germany.
  • May – Local generals take over the Guangzhou government. Sun Yat-sen becomes a private citizen and travels to Shanghai.
  • May – Beijing government reaches agreement of military cooperation with Japan. Thousands of students in Beijing protest the military agreement between Beijing and Tokyo. This marks the beginning of student movements in China.
  • July – Soviet Russia declares an interest in helping the people of China in resisting foreign oppression. Indicates the possibility of voiding all secret treaties between the Tsarist Russia and China. Soviet Russia may release China from the obligation of paying war redemptions.
  • November – World War I ends.
  • November - Beijing and Guangzhou governments express a desire for peace.
  • December – Britain, Italy, France, and the United States formally recommend a ceasefire between the Beijing and Guangzhou governments.
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